quarta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2008

Agile 2008 Conference, Toronto, August 4-8, 2008

Agile 2008 Conference, Toronto, August 4-8, 2008


What are effective ways to teach and learn Agile practices?

The Learning and Education stage is for industry practitioners and academics to present new ideas in learning and teaching Agile. We invite you to share where you think training and education needs to go in 2008/2009. We are looking for innovation in training, classes that use new techniques, and training that convinces skeptics. Agile drives change in an organization's structure and how work gets executed. Lean shows us where we can make improvements and focuses management effort on the right things. How are you bringing these ideas home with your students?

We invite submissions that address any aspect of teaching and/or learning Agile and Lean practices. Example topics of interest include:

- Agile Training for Teams, creating the team dynamic
- Lean and Agile - integrated learning approaches
- Teaching XP practices to managers (Pairing, TDD) for understanding, collaboration, buy-in
- The Lean and Agile Manager
- Agile Coaching beyond Scrum
- Product Owners and Return on Investment
- Using Agile in the Classroom
- Techniques and Tools to Support Agile Learning
- Using Games to Teach Agile Practices
- Learning to deal with Change
- Speed to market, cycle time, and innovation

We are interested in all aspects of teaching and learning pertaining to any Agile method or practice.

How to submit:

Learning and Education stage submissions may be in the form of experience reports, tutorials, panel discussions, or workshops.

The submitted proposals are reviewed soon after submission in an open review process, and the authors have the opportunity to view all feedback and make updates to their submission prior to close of submissions on February 25.

We advise that submissions be as close to their final form to be presented as possible. This will give the reviewers the best understanding of your presentation.

Presentations should be submitted to: http://submissions.agile2008.org/ Simply set up an account.
You may collaborate on making the conference better by reviewing other conference submissions with this same account.

Note: Academic Educational Research papers should be submitted to the Research Stage for the traditional peer review process.

About Agile 2008

Agile 2008 is the premier conference on the latest thinking in Agile, the fastest growing productivity movement in IT today. Agile 2008 brings together over 1500 executives, managers, software development practitioners, researchers from labs and academia.
We Look Forward To Your Participation!
Sign up today. http://submissions.agile2008.org/

Learning and Education Stage
Brian Hanks, Producer
Robin Dymond, Assistant Producer

Robin Dymond
VP, Managing Partner
Innovel, LLC
cell: (804) 239-4329

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