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Results From Scrum (Yahoo)

Results From Scrum
The benefits of Scrum reported by teams come in various aspects of their experience. At Yahoo!, we have migrated nearly 90 projects to Scrum in the last 30 months, totaling almost 900 people, and the list of teams using it is quickly growing. These projects have ranged from consumer-facing, design-heavy websites like Yahoo! Photos, to the mission-critical back-end infrastructure of services like Yahoo! Mail, which serves hundreds of millions of customers; they range from entirely new products like Yahoo! Podcasts, which used Scrum from concept through launch (and won a Webby Award for best product in its category that year), to more incremental projects, which included work on new features as well as bug fixes and other maintenance; and we’ve used Scrum for distributed projects, where the team is on separate continents. Several times each year we survey everyone at Yahoo! that is using Scrum (including Product Owners, Team Members, ScrumMasters, and the functional managers of those individuals) and ask them to compare Scrum to the approach they were using reviously.
Some summary data is presented here:

Link do texto completo: http://www.goodagile.com/scrumprimer/

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