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Real Software Engineering

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Link original do vídeo: http://confreaks.net/videos/282-lsrc2010-real-software-engineering

PDF da apresentação: http://assets.en.oreilly.com/1/event/40/Real%20Software%20Engineering%20Presentation.pdf

Real Software Engineering
Glenn Vanderburg

Software engineering as it’s taught in universities simply doesn’t work. It doesn’t produce software systems of high quality, and it doesn’t produce them for low cost. Sometimes, even when practiced rigorously, it doesn’t produce systems at all.

That’s odd, because in every other field, the term “engineering” is reserved for methods that work.

What then, does real software engineering look like? How can we consistently deliver high-quality systems to our customers and employers in a timely fashion and for a reasonable cost? In this session, we’ll discuss where software engineering went wrong, and build the case that disciplined Agile methods, far from being “anti-engineering” (as they are often described), actually represent the best of engineering principles applied to the task of software development.

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